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Sustainability & Energy Solutions

Bowman, Foster & Associates has always diligently represented clients' interests in maximizing energy efficiency and designing sustainable building systems that operate effectively with the minimum amount of maintenance possible.  BFA has extensive experience in not only the design of new and renovated buildings to Green and LEED standards, but also in the documentation required to earn LEED and Green Globes certification. Use of 3D design tools (AutoCAD MEP/Revit), total building energy modeling, certified staff and experience 3rd party commissioning that allow our team complete integration of the building MEP systems with the architectural and site components. Our LEED/GGP Accredited Professionals can utilize these tools to produce a facility which maximizes sustainability and is certifiable through the USGBC LEED & Green Globes process.

LEED Certified Engineers:
     Katherine Cox, PE, LEED AP BD+C
     Dranan Sparks, LEED AP BD+C
     Blair Davis, EIT, LEED AP BD+C
     Brock Frey, PE, CPD, LEED AP
     Ty Hammes, PE, LEED AS
     William Wisilosky, LEED AS

Green Globes Professional (GGP) Certified Engineers:
     Katherine Cox, PE
     Ty Hammes, PE
     Blair Davis, EIT
     Dranan Sparks

Guiding Principles Compliance Professional (GPCP) Certified Engineers:
     Katherine Cox, PE
     Blair Davis, EIT
     Dranan Sparks


We realize the importance of environmental responsibility in our professional and our personal lives. Our vision of environmental responsibility and the practice of Sustainable Design are based upon a definition of sustainable design criteria. As sustainability encompasses a very large realm of responsibility, we limit its scope to sustainable design criteria within our field of expertise. Therefore, we have adopted the following criteria for sustainable design:

“Sustainable design criteria minimizes Environmental Impact throughout the conception, creation, utilization, and ultimate demolition of a structure or system while providing a healthy, comfortable and productive environment for people.”

Strict adherence to the values expressed in this definition allows us to provide quality engineering services to our clients based upon sound engineering principles, environmental responsibility, effective economic decision making, and educated compromises.

Come check out some examples of previous green/energy conservation jobs under our Sustainability / Energy Solutions Projects page.

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