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This was a "Fast Track" project issued to BFA under their IDIQ with the Resident Officer In Charge of Construction (ROICC) at MCAS, Cherry Point, NC. The project involves the preparation of a Design/Build RFP to repair and renovate the T-10 Aircraft engine Test Cell in Bldg 4495. Details were include refurbishing the building's structure, corrosion removal, repainting structural members and exterior surfaces, and treating all components of the fuel storage system. Additional repairs include replacement of acoustic panels and intake baffles, repairs to main building doors, intake guide vanes and miscellaneous facility components. Operational system repairs included complete replacement of the air start compressed air system and prep room concrete floor and re coating of the main run room concrete floor.

Detailed Work Performed:
• Repair Main Service Doors; seals, mechanisms and controls,
• Repair Test Chamber Observation Window; seals and air purge system,
• Replace Utility Compressed Air System; compressor, filters and desiccant dryer,
• Purge pneumatic system of all moisture,
• Perform corrosion removal & recoating of entire exterior fuel storage & distribution system & associated shelter and containment structure,
• Replace fuel gauging and leak detection system,
• Verify fuel system functionality and operation,
• Repair leaks in Preservation Oil system (pump shaft),
• Verify fuel system functionality and operation.  

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