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Created on Monday, 30 November 2015 15:05

Bowman, Foster & Associates has improved on our local intranet site to include multiple new tools for staff to better share information, track projects, and provide our clients with improved communication and interaction. 

Our Joomla! based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application allows administrative and marketing staff to better manage and analyze customer interactions and data to improve client and business relationships.  It also improves customer satisfaction and retention by automating performance questionnaires and surveys.

Our web-based Wiki allows collaborative modification of important content directly from your web browser. It allows everyone in the company to edit and modify content as they see fit without the need/understanding of webpage development and coding. It will provide a location for the company to share and provide knowledge, notes, and other important information with everyone in the business. 

(Under Development) New Project Management and Gantt Chart software will better help our project managers and staff track the progress and milestones of every project.  This will add an extra level of timeliness and built in quality control to every project that BFA touches.

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