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Bowman, Foster & Teaming Partners share in continued excellent ratings from our clients.  We continue to build long, 20+ year, relationships with a number of architectural and engineering companies to provide our clients with simple, effective and stress free engineering services.  Our latest ACASS/CPARS and Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) forms come in with the majority of the marks hitting "Very Good" ratings, as well as a number receiving the highest possible "Excellent" check-boxes.  Read below to see what our clients have to say about our work.

2nd Floor Addition on Building 110B, VAMC Hampton, VA
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Prime: JBH/Bowman, Foster & Associates

“I took over as COR late in this project design. The government needs/requirements changed significantly late in the project. BFA was very responsive to these changing requirements. They have worked many projects for the VA and are very responsive to emergency and changing needs. They work well with medical center staff to understand various program needs.” - Kathleen O'loughlin, VAMC Hampton Project Engineer

Upgrade HVAC in Building 4225, Cherry Point, NC
Client: NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, MCAS Cherry Point
Prime: Bowman, Foster & Associates

“BFA has delivered yet another high-quality design on-time. The project has not been constructed yet due to budgetary issues. Given what I know about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.” – Pat Faulkner, MCAS Cherry Point Project Manager

Multi-Discipline IDIQ Contract
Client: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Prime: Andre Marquez Architects

“This firm has performed well on the Delivery Order awarded projects. They have consistently provided projects and deliverables within the prescribed time period. Their ability to understand and clarify the Schedule of Work (SOW) is very helpful with providing our customers with an end product that facilitate very important research. This firm is one we would rehire for additional work. This firm has displayed a sound knowledge of Architecture and Engineering and has thus far satisfied or exceeded our expectations.” - Rosica Hooper, NRL Contract Specialist


Replace Ductbank and 15KV Cable, Cherry Point, NC
Client: NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, MCAS Cherry Point
Prime: Bamforth, C Allan Jr. Engineer Surveyor

“The A/E completed a difficult project on time and with very detailed plans. Field work was extremely good and complete. System was routed to avoid extra construction work and investigated thoroughly in effort to avoid delays. Look forward to working with the team again in the future.” – Paul Cline, MCAS Cherry Point Supervisory Mechanical Engineer

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